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The internet has radically changed the way that people do business. However, internet access has brought a new wave of distractions to the work place in addition to enhanced productivity. As a result, many employers are looking for ways to ensure that their employees are using their time at work responsibily. Activtrak is an internet accountability application that uses analytics to help enhance productivity. Activtrak has several features which make it appealing to businesses looking to get the most out of their employees.



Activtrack is designed to be used by businesses. Therefore, it has several advantages over other internet accountability software when it comes to approaching internet monitoring. One example is that Activtrak gives the option to use screenshots or to track internet use without screenshots. This is essential for industries that deal with sensitive client information, like the health care or financial industries.

Activtrak also works well for businesses because of how easy it is to install. Installation takes only a few seconds. The software delivers reports on workflows and productivity through the Activtrak admin panel, so you can collect and view information on your business in one place. The software works invisibly in the background, so you can test how honest your employees are being with their time while they’re on the clock.

Finally, Activtrak therefore provides a great way to measure your ROI when it comes to your employees, while also giving you insights on your business processes in general so you can look for inefficiencies.


We found very few problems with Activtrak. However, one of the biggest issues was that it can be difficult to understand some of the reports the software delivers. Moreover, you need to be sure that you calibrate the analytics to accurately represent your workflow, otherwise you’ll find that your reports don’t accurately represent the work your employes are doing. This can create difficult situations and lead to false diagnosis of workflow issues. Additionally, the malicious site blocking features in this piece of software are redundant with capabilities that already exist with most modern anti-virus programs and operating system features.


On the whole, Activtrak is an excellent internet monitoring and accountability application for businesses. The reports it offers, combined with the ease of access make it appealing to businesses of any size. However, you need to make sure that you’re setting up the analytics reporting correctly to get an accurate understanding of your workflow and employee productivity.