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Clean Internet is a Christian internet accountability and filtering software that uses advanced algorithms and database of harmful and dangerous content to make sure families are protected from harmful and dangerous content on the internet. Clean Internet also features some of the best blocks to different bypass efforts frequently used to get around other internet filtering applications.

Clean Internet


Clean Internet does a good job showing they understand what makes a good internet filter. The service stresses ease of use along with effectiveness to provide top-notch internet filtering services.

Another advantage for Clean Internet is that it operates in multiple languages. This prevents children from getting around internet filters by typing keywords for dangerous content in foreign languages. Users have also reported that the service is very easy to set up, which makes it accessible to a wide variety of families.

Clean Internet also works in a way that doesn’t slow down your internet connection or use up a lot of your bandwidth. As a result, you’ll still be able to browse wholesome content at high speeds, while avoiding dangerous and harmful content. Finally, one of the biggest weakneses of any internet filtering and monitoring software is that it can be uninstalled. However, Clean Internet can’t be removed without calling the company’s technical support services, helping you know that your internet and family is secure.


There are a few drawbacks for Clean Internet. One issue that some people might have is that the software is Christian-oriented. Therefore, it might block content from sites that you don’t find offensive based on broader understandings in Christianity. Moreover, we found the description of exactly how Clean Internet works to be lacking. It’s not clear how they determine what is an isn’t acceptable content, other than saying that it involves algorithms. Another issue is that Clean Internet does not currently have a version that works with iOS. That means Apple users won’t have access to this software, and will have to look elsewhere for their internet filtering and accountability needs.


Clean Internet is a good choice for Christian families who have Windows computers and Andriod devices. The secure that the program provides, combined with the dificulty in removing the program unless you really want it gone, make it secure against efforts to circumvent it. The inclusion of foreign language monitoring and filtering help make Clean Internet one of the best choices if you’ve found your children tend to develop work-arounds for other internet filtering and accountability software you’ve tried in the past.