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Clear Impact is an internet accountability application focused on improving the performance of businesses. They focus on results-based accountability, and enable reporting an analytics at multiple levels of business. The goal is to be able to track and enhance everything from a single worker to overall company performance with one powerful application.

Clear Impact


Clear Impact has some of the most flexible data analytics and reporting options we’e seen from different internet accountability softwares today. The program allows you to combine individual reports with overall strategy efforts to truly enhance your business’s productivity and output. The fact that Clear Impact lets you tie different individualized or departmental tasks to larger strategy goals and provides a way to map how different tasks contribute to different goals helps to put it above and beyond other internet accountability applications.

Clear Impact is one of the best choices for medium-to-enterprise sized businesses, as it allows managers to take long-term strategic goals, reduce those goals to projects, and reduce those projects to tasks. You can then track how individual taks are being performed and undersetand how they are contributing to your overall goals.

Another appealing aspect for Clear Impact is the pricing. The price is done by unit and the more units you use the cheaper the price per unit gets. That means you can take advantage of economies of scale to ensure your large or enterprise-sized business can have the tools it needs to get the job done.


Clear Impact doesn’t really provide any options for restricting or blocking traffic to distracting or dangerous sites. It does let you know how much of a user’s time is spent accomplishing the tasks they have, so you do get some insights into employee internet use. However, if you want to block or filter certain content then you’re going to need another program in conjunction with Clear Impact.

Another drawback is that the pricing for Clear Impact is done as a subscription. As a result, you’ll be paying for Clear Impact every month. This is a fine model if you take full advantage of the services, but if you’re under-using Clear Impact then the continuous cost might not be worth it.


Clear Impact is one of the best internet accountability applications we’ve seen for large businesses. It provides great tools to understand how effective your workflow is and to make sure your employees are executing their tasks in a productive and efficient manner. However, it doesn’t provide some of the restrictive abilities that people expect from internet accountability and filtering applications.