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So many internet filtering and accountability applications are focused on families and large businesses that it’s nice to see something for individuals, students and freelancers. Cold Turkey is designed to help individuals manage their time better and stay on task so they accomplish their goals without distractions.

Cold Turkey


Cold Turkey does a great job of packing in features to the application. For example, when you try to go to a distracting website you receive an inspirational message to help you stay on task. You can also block applications to prevent yourself from watching videos or playing games when you’re supposed to be getting work done.

Another benefit for Cold Turkey is that you can schedule blocks of time for productivity or for recreation. In addition to helping keep you focused, this also helps you set a schedule so that you can plan your time effectively and make sure you accomplish your tasks. Cold Turkey lets you program in breaks, so you won’t have to jump through hoops and enable or disable it constantly when you want to take a brief respite from your work.

Another helpful feature is that you can track your progress in staying on task. This can provide a much needed psychological boost that you would usually get from the distractions you need to avoid. Cold Turkey works by breaking the distraction cycle of being tempted by a distraction and then engaging in it, giving yourself a mental reward that makes you seek another distraction.

Cold Turkey also wins out when it comes to the price. You can get a free version of the program to try. The Pro version only costs $25 CAD, and it’s a one time fee rather than a subscription service. That makes it cost-effective for students, freelancers, and individuals.


Cold Turkey doesn’t do a very good job of explaining why the program isn’t easy to circumvent. After all, an accountability application that you can turn off any time isn’t much of a deterrent to becoming distracted. As a result, there are some questions about its effectiveness.


Cold Turkey is a great internet accountability application for students and freelancers. This is nice to see because these markets are frequently under-served in the internet accountability sector. Additionally, the fact that it only charges a reasonable one-time fee makes it one of the cheapest internet filtering and accountability applications we’ve seen on the market today. If you’re a student or freelancer who struggles with staying on task, Cold Turkey might be the product you’ve been looking for.