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Content Protect Pro is a piece of internet filtering and accountability software targeted at businesses. It seeks to fill the gap between lower cost internet monitoring programs designed for families and higher end products designed to work at the enterprise level. Content Protect Pro offers a host of useful features and is worth considering for any small to medium-sized business, so don’t be afraid to give the free trial offer a go.

Content Protect Pro


Content Protect Pro uses real-time and dynamic filtering processes. As a result, you can constantly improve your restrictions and allowances to make sure that your employees stay productive and on task, without having to worry about the latest distracting websites being unknown to your filtering services. Furthermore, Content Protect Pro offers remote access to settings and analytics reporting. Therefore, you can adjust settings and access your information from anywhere, ensuring your employees stay on task even when you’re not at the office. Content Protect Pro does all of this at a reasonable price point. The Software costs $39.99 per user, which is a bit less than average for business oriented internet accountability applications.

Another benefit of Content Pro is that the software runs locally on a computer while getting updates from the cloud-based control center. That means you can ensure your employees stay on task when they’re traveling. You won’t have to worry that they aren’t spending their time at conferences or training seminars appropriately while they’re off-site.


One of the major drawbacks of Content Protect Pro is that you have to buy a minimum of 5 licenses to get the software. That means you’ll be paying $200 at the very least. As a result, it’s not ideal for small businesses with less than five employees, freelancers, or students. Moreover, the program includes some features that are most likely redundant with other software you already have, like scheduling applications. Moreover, if you use innovative methods to cut costs, like using peer-to-peer networks to share large files amongst your employees, you might find that these sites are blocked by Content Protect Pro in an effort to prevent piracy and other illegal activities.


Content Protect Pro is a middle-of-the-road internet filtering and accountability application for businesses. It does everything that you’d want a business filtering application to do, but it doesn’t really do anything to set itself apart from the crowd or explain why you should prefer it over other options. It’s worth trying the free trial, but don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for a solution.