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A step up from just a basic internet accountability and filtering package, Covenant Eyes provides a level of protection that will restrict certain content from the internet. Although primarily a reporting program, the filtering does add a benefit that is not available from other software packages.

Covenant Eyes Review


Supported Systems

Covenant Eyes runs on most of the major operating systems for computers of phones; these include Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and even Kindle’s Fire OS.

Secure Uninstall

The software is highly secure when it comes to uninstalling. Before you can remove the software from a device, a code is required. Accountability partners are informed if there is any request for this code or an attempt and uninstall the software.

Filtering Adaptability

As your children age, they can handle different levels of content. Filter settings can be easily updated as needed.


The software works in the background, recording all searches made and what websites have been visited. It also lists any sites which have been blocked by the software filtering. Generated reports are assigned age-related ratings. These are provided in a secure report which has been separated for each person’s username; these reports are kept on the company servers for a period of 30 days before they are permanently erased.


Each family member can be given a unique username; each person’s internet usage can be tracked across multiple devices.


Filtering Limitations

Although the software offers content filtering, this is only available on PC or the Mac. Android offers accountability, while the iOS app is a dedicated browser on its own rather than tracking the browser on the device. Both Android and iOS require other browsers and the device’s app store to be manually blocked.

Time Tracking

Covenant Eyes has no built-in time management apart from the recording of times a user is online. This leaves it down to the accountability partner to discuss the internet usage which is out of a permitted time schedule.

GPS Location

The software provides no options for GPS location. Regardless of where tracked users are, you can only generate usage reports but not their exact locations.

Community Packages

There is a community package which offers a collection of the Family and personnel packages; however, the site does not provide further information on how the community package works. It does, however, provide assistance from an expert consultant.

Panic Button

The software includes a panic button, which can cut off internet access by the user if they feel they are tempted to stray. Unfortunately, this requires a customer support call for free assistance to reinstate access for that user.


Covenant Eyes offers a great option compared to other software, but the price is a bit costly in comparison as well. Reports provide plenty of detail, and the filtering is a welcome addition. It does, however, lack in consistency between the software on different devices, where it requires intervention for secondary browsers to be disabled.

The sign-in procedure also seems a little over the top; children may forget to sign out and leave the shared computer open for anyone to continue using. The company website also makes no mention of how users on Android or Apple will sign in or out.

The software is as secure as you could wish for and makes circumventing the software nearly impossible.