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The internet is a valuable business tool in so many ways. It allows you to communicate with clients and partners, coordinate your workforce across multiple locations, share information and data instantly, and take advantage of specialized websites and applications that help businesses in specific industries. Unfortunately, the internet can also become a distraction. News and entertainment sites limit the amount of time spent on actual work, and online gaming and gambling threaten employee productivity. Easemon is a product designed to enhance internet accountability and monitoring at the workplace, so your employees use the internet for their jobs and not for leisure.



Easemon is one of the best-reviewed internet accountability and monitoring applications on the market today. It has won numerous 5-star awards and ratings from places like ZDNet, Soft News, Splash Web Splat, and Snapfiles. That means Easemon is a name you can trust when you’re looking for products to help keep your employees focused at work.

Another positive for Easemon is the 24/7 live customer support. The technicians can help install the software remotely, so you can be sure even your IT department is staying on the up and up. Easemon records all browsing activity, even if the browser is switched into “private” mode. As a result, employees will not be able to easily circumvent Easemon’s protections and processes.

Easemon also provides reports in locked-pdf form. That means you can be confident in the data you get. The reports include the top 10 most-searched terms, the most frequently used apps, and most frequently visited websites. This lets you make decisions about your team and workers to help keep your business running smoothly.


Some companies may have a hard time taking full advantage of the different features that Easemon offers. While it is good for limiting people with roles that are clearly defined and don’t require outside internet research or support, it’s not as good if you have a large number of employees who have varying web habits which are all related to business. Easemon can make something seem like it isn’t work related, even though it is, which creates the potential for conflicts and drama at the office. The result of these can be a decline of productivity instead of enhancing productivity.

Another issue is that Easemon uses a monthly-pricing system, so you’ll be paying for the service every month. The fee is $29.99 per user, or 12 months for $199.99 per user. This is a bit more expensive than many of the other business-oriented internet accountability applications we’ve looked at.


Easemon offers everything you’d look for in an internet accountability application. The hard-copy reports and helpful and always-available customer service make them an appealing option. Moreover, the numerous industry awards and 5-star reviews are strong points in their favor. However, the price point is a bit high, so make sure you can get the most out of the software before you agree to a 12-month subscription for every employee you have.