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Any parent can tell you how hard it is to raise a child in the modern world. The internet presents a host of threats that parents didn’t have to deal with even a single generation ago. Therefore, it’s no surprise that so many parents look to internet filtering and monitoring programs to help keep their children safe and secure online. One of the most popular programs for helping children stay safe on the net is Familoop.



One of the best things about Familoop is that it has 77 different filter categories that you can use to set up controls for what kind of content your children have access to. The tremendous quantity of categories means that you can finely tune what kind of content your child can see, and customize that content list based on how hold and mature your child is. Therefore, you can make sure your child has the freedom they can handle, and no more than that.

Familoop is even more impressive in its ease of setup. The program installs very easily and cleanly. This is true despite the huge number of content categories the program recognizes. The install wizard operates easily and simply so even parents that are only casual technology users are able to quickly and easily get the program up and running and start protecting your family online.

Another useful feature for Familoop is the parent dashboard that you always have remote access to. The dashboard shows you what kind of sites your children are using and helps you get a real-time look at your child’s internet behavior. Therefore, you can keep a tighter lid on their viewing habits while they are learning how to safely use the internet, and then only occasionally peak in to make sure they haven’t strayed from the path you’ve laid out for them.

Finally, their searchable knowledge base makes issues and problems easy to resolve. This also helps it stand apart from some of the other internet monitoring and parental control applications we’ve reviewed which lack a searchable information bank to help users get the program working properly.


There were some problems with Familoop. They claim to be able to log the videos that your children watch, but some users have reported problem with that features. Users have also reported that the program has had problems keeping track of the videos they attempted to watch when testing the program.


On the whole, Familoop is an excellent choice for most families when it comes to keeping their children safe online. However, given some of the issues we’ve uncovered, you might be interested in looking into some of the other options to find the best program for you.