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Filterpak is offered by Family Connect, a company dedicated to helping make sure that technology and internet use in the family remains family appropriate. It basis its filtering services on Christian principles and works for children and parents to help keep internet use safe and wholesome.



Filterpak runs locally on your computer, which means you don’t have to worry about what happens when your children or family are using a network away from home. Filterpak filters no matter where they go. Additionally, every family member is blocked from pornography and illegal sites when using Filterpak, so adults will also be protected from the risks of dangerous internet sites. Moreover, by blocking illegal sites, you can be sure your children and family don’t get into trouble for downloading pirated movies, music or games.

Another feature Filterpak offers is accountability features. This option sends reports of your internet activity to a designated person so that you will be motivated to avoid the temptation to look at harmful content. The reports include not only the websites you’ve visited, but also the websites that you tried to visit but were blocked.

Finally, Filterpak uses a “thin-client” system to monitor all internet traffic. This system works the same way most anti-virus programs do. As a result, it can help keep you safe without slowing down your browsing speed or computer.


Filterpak does have some drawbacks. While some users will find the fact that it blocks access to adult content for all users appealing, others will find this to be too draconian. If you’re just looking for an internet filter for your children but don’t’ want to be subject to the same restrictions, then this isn’t the internet filtering application you’re looking for.

Moreover, Filterpak uses a monthly subscription service payment model. The charge is $4.95 per month per user, which works out to about $60 per year. This is more expensive than some of the other internet filtering applications we’ve looked at. Additionally, those cheaper applications frequently have more features, like real-time reporting, remote access for permissions, and internet time management restrictions.


Filterpak is a good internet accountability and monitoring application for Christian families that want to make sure the whole family is protected from harmful or sinful content. It works to protect people from engaging in illegal activity as well. However, the price is a bit higher than we’d like, and the program lacks the flexibility that most other programs offer, so it’s best for a niche market.