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Foxfilter is an add-on for the Firefox browser designed to block harmful and inappropriate content. It has been called THE parental control for Firefox, and is one of the few internet accountability and filtering browser add-ons we’ve seen. However, the fact that it works as a browser extension means that it has limited utility compared to some of the more universal applications we’ve looked at.



Foxfilter works with your internet browser to block harmful or dangerous content. It’s one of the cheapest internet filters available on the market today. The Basic service costs $12.99 per year, the hosted service for up to 10 computers costs $19.99 per year. You can also get the Hosted Pro service for up to 50 computers for $49.99 per year, and the Hosted Enterprise service can support unlimited computers and costs just $99.99 per year.

These prices represent a huge savings relative to other internet filtering programs, which typically run in the $5-$10 per month range. As a result, Foxfilter is incredibly cost effective for families and businesses alike.

Moreover, Foxfilter has been reviewed and vetted by some of the top malware checkers on the internet, and is certified to be 100% malware and spyware free. The add-on lets you set controls to regulate what kinds of sites your users can visit, while ensuring that productive and useful sites aren’t blocked or restricted.


There are several drawbacks to Foxfilter. The first is that it only works for two internet browsers, Firefox and Chrome. IF you use Safari, Internet Explorer, or Edge, then this product won’t work for you. Moreover, the add-on doesn’t seem to work for mobile browsers, so it’s not a good option for tablets and phones.

Another issue is that Foxfilter lacks many of the most common features that we expect from top-notch internet filtering and accountability services. It doesn’t send usage reports, nor can you use it to restrict overall screen time or internet time. Therefore, it’s not the best option for families that are worried about how much time their children spend on devices in addition to what kind of content they’re looking at on those devices.


Foxfilter is a good option for any business that has locked down terminals and uses Firefox as their browser of choice. However, families and other businesses will want to look elsewhere, as the limited usefulness of the add-on means that even the low price it’s offered at is too much for what you get from it.