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Modern technology is something of a wonder. It allows us to connect to people across the world almost instantaneously, complete complex and complicated tasks in seconds, and expands our range of information and entertainment options to levels never before thought of. However, with all of that capacity, the internet can also become a drag on productivity. Many people around the world have found that they are easily distracted by the ready availability of social media, games, videos, and websites. If you’re having problems staying on task, you might consider Freedom.



The best aspect of Freedom is that is works on all of your devices. This helps it stand apart from other accountability applications that can be bypassed by putting down the computer and taking out your phone. Additionally, Freedom features a locked mode where you can’t change the settings or features while the program is running. As a result, you are more included to build up healthy and productive work habits.

Freedom also incorporates a scheduling feature, so you can choose when you internet and apps are restricted and when you are allowed to have recreational time and leisure time. This means that you’ll be able to plan out your work time and make sure that you’re actually working during that time. Moreover, by forcing you to adopt a schedule, Freedom helps you structure your time in a more productive fashion, even when you aren’t using a device or the internet.


While Freedom works on all desktop, laptop, and iOS devices, it doesn’t have support for Android phones yet. That means there’s a bit of a gap in the coverage that Freedom offers. Additionally, their monthly subscription option is priced a bit high, at $6.99 per month. That’s $2 per month higher that most of the competitive services. This is offset some by the fact that you can get a yearly subscription plan for $2.42 per month. You can also get “forever access” for a $129 flat rate.

Freedom also doesn’t currently have any features which help you track your progress when it comes to staying on task. This feature isn’t necessary, but studies have found that these kinds of options that provide positive re-enforcement go a long way in helping users develop healthy work habits.


Overall, Freedom is an excellent choice for internet accountability. It uses tested methods to help users stay on task, without being so restrictive that it makes it difficult to get productive work done. If you’re having a hard time staying on target, give Freedom a try and see if it’s the piece you’ve been missing.