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There are plenty of apps, programs, and services designed to limit or block harmful content. However, there’s a related industry that has been growing in popularity. Accountability software is designed to ensure that you don’t spend too much time having fun on your computer, and can get some work done when you need to be productive.

HomeGuard is one of the most popular accountability programs. It is designed to help prevent gaming addiction, limit internet time, and block programs and applications so that you aren’t tempted to engage in distractions instead of your work.



The best thing about HomeGuard is the flexibility it offers. You can completely block programs and applications, or you can give them a limited amount of time or scheduled time when they are available. This is a much better setup than other applications in the market which usually only completely block or unblock different games and applications.

Additionally, HomeGuard has ways to prevent the most common circumvention methods. You can’t get around HomeGuard by changing the name of a program. HomeGuard also automatically detects newer versions of games and applications, so an update won’t free the program from the blocked or restricted list. Moreover, HomeGuard works on online flash and browser games as well as more robust programs you download and run locally.

HomeGuard provides detailed usage data. AS a result, you can see how much time a given application has been open, and how much time you’ve spent using it. Therefore, you can get detailed reports on how you or your loved ones are spending time on your devices.


While HomeGuard does offer remote monitoring abilities, we don’t have any indication that you can modify restriction lists remotely. This can create a headache if something is being blocked and you’re not around to unblock it. Moreover, you can’t reward children with extra video game time for finishing homework early. The remote monitoring is also limited to computers on a specific network, so it may not work if your child takes their device to another location to play games or engage in other distractions.


HomeGuard is a powerful and flexible application that’s great for parents. It has some of the best circumvention safeguards we’ve seen in the industry, and it keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in games, internet use, and social media to provide comprehensive protection and monitoring services.  If you’re worried about how much time you or your child spends playing games, HomeGuard is worth trying.