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If you’re looking for internet filter and accountability software but don’t want to pay for any annual fees or subscription services, then iProtectYou might be the program you’re looking for. It offers all of the features you expect from the top internet filtering and accountability programs without requiring continuous payments and contracts.



iProtectYou offers dynamic content analysis to help determine if content is safe or not. This works better than many other internet filtering programs which use pre-established listed of keywords or websites to block. As a result, it can provide the protection you want without creating unnecessary restrictions on your website access that can get in the way of work or of children doing homework.

iProtectYou also stays up to date on the most popular and common ways to circumvent internet monitoring and filtering software. It can’t be killed by using task manager to stop its processes, and prevents games from being launched by changing the name of the program.

The best feature of iProtectYou is that you only need to buy it once. There’s no annual fee or subscription service you need to sign up for. You get free lifetime database updates and deals on future upgrades and improvements to the program should technology make them necessary.

Finally, iProtectYou can run in different modes so that you can make it clear internet activity is being watched or you can hide the program and see how children or workers use the internet when they think no one is watching. This flexibility adds a lot of value to the program.


There are some significant drawbacks to the program, however. The changelogs don’t have any record of updates to the program happening since 2015, so it may not be up to date with the latest list of websites and content you’re trying to block. Moreover, the way that the program filters runs content through another server, which can slow down load times and browsing speeds.


iProtectYou might have been an excellent internet monitoring and filter program in its day, but all the indications say that its day is long past. Technology is updating and changing at breakneck speeds, so the lack of updates makes us suspicious of any value that iProtectYou has to offer. We strongly recommend looking elsewhere for your internet protection and monitoring needs, just make sure whatever program you do wind up using works across your devices and is consistently updated to keep up with the latest standards and developments in technology.