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Kidlogger is a piece of software that parents can use to monitor their children’s computer and internet use. It aims to keep children safe from predators, cyberbullying, and harmful and inappropriate content. It comes at three different pricing levels, so you can pick the level of service that best matches your needs.



Kidlogger is available for free for most parents. The main difference between the free and paid version of Kidlogger is how long the logs are kept and how much disk space the program gets to save information. The free service keeps logs for 9 days, and has 9MB of disk space to store information. The Standard version costs $9 for three months, or $29 for one year of service, and comes with 30 days of logs and 100 MB of disk space. The professional version costs $29 for three months, or $89 for one year, keeps logs for 60 days, and comes with 500 MB of disk space.

Kidlogger also tracks phone calls and SMS/Text messages that your child sends, which gives it enhanced mobile features compared to other monitoring and protection software. Additionally, it will tell you which apps your children use, how long they use them for, what websites were visited, and where they’ve been.

Another interesting feature that is unique to Kidlogger is that it tracks information that comes from plugged in drives and storage, including CD’s, DVD’s, USB drives, and external hard drives. This prevents data leakage, where kids can store and keep harmful or inappropriate information away from the computer or devices themselves.


The biggest issue with Kidlogger is the amount of disk space that it has available to log information and data. The modern world is incredibly data heavy. A picture on a high-resolution camera phone might be as large as 10MB, so even the professional plan’s 500 MB might not be enough to keep an accurate record of everything your child has been doing.

Additionally, Kidlogger has only just begun to incorporate remote access controls into the software, which puts it a few steps behind other programs it competes with.


Kidlogger is worth trying when you are looking for the best internet monitoring and protection software. The free version will give you a good idea of the program’s usefulness. Moreover, the fact that it tracks external media does offer it some advantages over other similar applications.  However, you should make sure that the application does what you need it to do before you commit to paying more money for longer logs and higher disk space.