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Kidswatch is a popular internet monitoring and filtering software designed for parents and families. Given the increasing use of the internet in everyday events, there is a growing risk that children will be exposed to harmful or inappropriate content. Kidswatch helps reduce that through its features and services. The program offers a 15-day free trial, so you can see if it meets your needs before you buy it.



The best element of Kidswatch is the 15-day free trial. This lets you have a chance to try it and compare it to other services before your commit to spending your hard-earned dollars on the program. A free trial is an important aspect of internet monitoring and filtering services because so many of the services and apps offer the same features. Therefore, you’ll want to try them out to see which works best for you before committing to one of them.

Another great element of the Kidswatch app is the ability to monitor and regulate screentime. Technology and the ease of access to it is a relatively new phenomenon, and society doesn’t have the most effective ways to train children about the appropriate use of technology and maintaining a balance between technology and real-world interactions. Therefore, it’s important to have software that can help your children learn how to interact face-to-face as well as online.

Finally, Kidswatch is incredibly easy to set up. It comes with an intuitive setup wizard that will help you configure the settings for your different users to make sure everyone has access to the internet that’s appropriate for them.


It’s hard to tell if Kidswatch is still being updated. They received plenty of glowing reviews and ratings from 2006-2013, including top marks from TopTenReviews. However, their awards stop at 2013 and their systems compatibility information doesn’t include any system past Windows 8. Therefore you should certainly take advantage of the Free Trial offer before you pay money for a subscription to a program that may be out of date and lacking updates.


Kidswatch could be a great internet monitoring and accountability program if it is still being updated. If it is being updated, then the biggest problem they have is an out-of-date website. Be sure to take advantage of the free trial offer so you can ensure you’ll get the services you require from Kidswatch before you commit your money, otherwise you might find yourself paying for a program that no longer works