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Knas-Based Accountability is one of the most unique internet accountability services we’ve looked at. The website caters to Orthodox-leaning Jews. The program works based on the idea of a Knas, which can be considered a fine or payment for a sin. The website has non-Jews review the material that you’ve looked at online, and if they find something that is lewd or erotic then they will charge your card.

Knas Based Accountability


One of the best things about Knas based accountability software is that it is completely free unless you look at lewd or erotic material. The service thus encourages people to avoid inappropriate material with their own actions.

Another pro of this service is that it uses specially trained operators to make sure that you stay within the confines of Jewish law. Moreover, all of the material you look at is reviewed by actual human beings. Thus, they will be able to tell the difference between an accidental viewing and something that is an intentional search. This protects you from automatic charges that might not be justified.

Additionally, you can set your own Knas rate. That means you can pick a rate that’s high enough to deter you from looking at inappropriate content, instead of just considering the Knas as a sort of fine you can pay whenever. After all, the goal of the service is not to make you pay more for looking at inappropriate materials, but to prevent you from doing so in the first place.


There are a few drawbacks to the Knas-based accountability program. For one, the program can be quite expensive. The minimum Knas is $100, and there are some instances where a seemingly innocuous search can lead to a massive fine.

Moreover, if the program doesn’t provide any filtering services, and so it isn’t really useful for children or teens who are more likely to intentionally go looking for inappropriate content and materials. Therefore, its usability is limited to Orthodox Jews who are interested in a Knas-based deterrent system for preventing engagement with inappropriate content.


The Knas-based Accountability system is either a great option or a terrible option, depending on who you are. If you respect the concept of a Knas and want to use the internet without filtering software, then it is an excellent option. However, if you’re trying to keep your children from being exposed to harmful content then there are better services for your needs out there.