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Lion varies to many other applications as it is a browser-only app. As such, you have the guarantee that no settings are changed or that your internet speed will suffer.

As Lion is a browser, it does not have advanced features of many other software applications offer. However, this can be to its advantage if you feel what it offers is enough.

Lion Review


Supported Devices

Lion browser has been developed to run on iOS devices only.

Ease of Installation

As Lion is a browser, it is easy to install – the only setup you have to do is to add your accountability partners. This is done by simply adding their email address(es).

Secure information

The company stores no data of any type on their servers. All information remains stored on the user’s phone.

Full Featured

The browser has not sacrificed anything in its development; it is fully-featured and is as good as, if not better than, many browsers available.



The reporting feature is a little on the thin side as it only provides limited information to the accountability partners you have selected. Information recorded is limited to the specific website URL, the date the site was visited, and an optional flagging field that records any explicit keywords found on the site.


The user can quite easily remove the Lion browser if they decide to use another. It requires a lot of dedication on the user’s side for them to be honest with themselves and to just use this browser.

Company Website

The company site is basically an overview and mostly directs users to the iTunes store. There are no links for support or contact, and once you have been directed to the iTunes store, there are links that take you to the company site which only gives the option of returning to the iTunes store.


For a standalone application of this nature, Lion provides a decent application that will not hamper any of your browsing experience. Its only letdown is that it is only available for Apple mobile products running iOS.

It would be a nice touch if the user had no other choice but to use this browser, rather than still having a choice of browser to use. However, for individuals who do want to try and be accountable, this can be a great option, as it is cheap and has no sign-up or complicated process to go through for installation.

There is even the free option that you can try for as long as you like. You do not need to make the switch to Lion and become accountable unless you feel comfortable with the way it works.