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Mobicip is one of the most popular internet filtering and monitoring apps on the market today. It’s used in hundreds of schools and is the official trusted partner of Verizon. Therefore, it has the credibility and the heft that parents rely on to protect their kid’s safety. Mobicip has some of the best reviews online, and has more of them than almost any other provider.



Mobicip allows you to manage your child’s internet use across multiple devices. That means no matter what kind of device your child is using you can be confident that they won’t be exposed to dangerous or inappropriate content.

In addition to blocking adult-themed websites, Mobichip also blocks access to file-sharing sites used to trade pirated movies, music, and video games. Therefore, it keeps your kids safe from conducting illegal activities while also protecting them from harmful and inappropriate content.

Mobicip also allows you to secure any number of users or devices from one account. This helps it stand apart from many other parental control applications which charge per device or per user. As a result, Mobicip can save large families a tremendous amount of money on their monitoring needs.

Mobicip also scans content dynamically and in real-time to provide what they call just-in-time filtering. That keeps your children safe from brand new websites which feature adult themes or content. Given how easy it is for sites to go up on the internet, and how fast adult content can be produced, this should help put many parents minds at ease.

Finally, Mobicip offers all of the standard features and services that you’d expect from a top-rated internet filtering and parental control application. This includes screen-time limitations, active site blocking, app blocking and monitoring, a parental dashboard, different settings for different users, and more.


There aren’t very many cons when it comes to Mobicip’s software services. One of the potential problems comes with its popularity. Because it is so popular it is more likely that people will spread any circumvention methods or work-arounds for the application they discover.


Mobicip is an excellent place to look for your internet filtering and monitoring needs. There’s a reason why the program is trusted by so many schools and organizations. It has more positive reviews than almost any other internet monitoring application, and is a strong contender for the best in the market right now.  Give the free version a try, and if you like what you see you can sign up for another account at $39.99 per year.