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Every parent knows that it can be hard to keep your child safe in the modern world. The internet has only added challenges to this already difficult process. That’s why so many parents turn to internet filtering and monitoring programs to help make sure their child is using the internet in a safe and responsible way. Net Nanny is one of the most highly reviewed internet monitoring programs for parents on the market today, and it’s not hard to see why.

Net Nanny


One of the best elements of Net Nanny is the profanity filter. This filter lets you mask profanity in content instead of blocking the content entirely. That means your child will be able to explore content safely without being exposed to vulgar or adult language. This is a better option than restricting the totality of the content because the profanity could be somewhere like the comments, and it would be a shame if your child couldn’t access helpful content because someone decided to use dirty language in the comments section.

Net Nanny delivers easy to understand reports that describe and break down how your child is spending time on the internet. These reports help you understand the way your child is using the internet, so you can restrict their access to sites that aren’t educational if they’re spending too much time on them.

In addition to reports and monitoring, Net Nanny also has some of the most effective filtering and blocking protocols around. Moreover, you can also filter and restrict internet and device use by time. This helps you prevent your child from becoming too engrossed in the world of video games while neglecting other areas of their growth and development. Moreover, this can help your child from developing a video game addiction at a young age, which is a growing problem in the world.


The biggest drawback of Net Nanny is that the basic program doesn’t include any social media monitoring capabilities. In order to get those features you’ll have to purchase another program, Net Nanny Social. As a result, Net Nanny is not as effective in preventing problems like cyberbullying by itself as some other applications are without requiring additional payments or purchases.


Net Nanny is one of the best options for parents looking to protect their child from the most dangerous parts of the internet. It has top level filtering and monitoring abilities and the profanity filter is one of the most unique features out of any internet monitoring and filtering programs we looked at.