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Netsanity offers parental controls for mobile and desktop devices. It has all of the standard features you expect from a high-quality parental control and internet monitoring program like app blocking, time restrictions, a game blocker, and some other features that fairly unique to Netsanity. Read on to discover more about this increasingly popular internet filtering application.



Something that helps set Netsanity apart from the competition is the fact that it has what it calls “cat blocker” This allows you to block up to 30 different categories of content, so you can customize the level of protection for your children. The categories include things like hate speech, porn, and advertisements. While other applications offer filtration by category, few if any have the level of detail and nuance that you get from Netsanity.

Netsanity is also one of the few programs that incorporates a locator service. This service lets you find any device that is enrolled in the program. This lets you find lost devices, or determine where your child is if you can’t find them. After all, no parent wants to go through the stress of wondering where their kid is only to remember later that they have soccer practice and are getting a ride from someone else.

Netsanity also channels all search engine searches through the safe search versions of the respective search engine. This feature, like the other features, works across all devices and operating systems, so no matter what kind of device your child is using, you can trust that they’ll be safe in their digital usage.


When it comes to cons, there isn’t very much to report for Netsanity. The price is a bit higher than some of the other services, but goes down when you add more devices to the plan. One device costs $6.99 per month, two devices are $9.95 per month, and so on. While this is more than the average cost for these kind of services, it is only $1 or $2, and the more devices you add to the plan the more reasonable the cost becomes.


Netsanity is one of the best reviewed parental control programs on the net for a good reason, it’s effective and it provides the features and services that concerned parents are looking for in an internet monitoring application. You can try a trial version of the software free for 14 days without providing any credit card information, so if you’re not sure then you should give it a shot. It’s definitely one of the better parental control applications on the market today.