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OpenDNS is more than a piece of internet monitoring and filtering software, it’s a complete shield for your internet capable devices. OpenDNS works by configuring your network to block harmful content. This includes things like adult content and graphic violence, but also includes things like malware, spam, and other potentially harmful item. Moreover, it’s used by 1 in 3 schools across the country, demonstrating the degree of trust and authority the network has established.

OpenDNS Family Shield


OpenDNS is managed by Cisco Systems, one of the biggest names in technology and internet software, hardware, and infrastructure in the world. Therefore, you know that the product comes from a source with the knowledge and skills to execute a high-quality internet filtering and monitoring process.

Some parents might fear that a service from a company like Cisco will cost a tremendous amount of money. However, that isn’t the case at all. You can get OpenDNS Family shield, which comes preconfigured to block adult content, for free. You can also get OpenDNS Home, which offers customizable filtering services and identity theft protection, for free.

Another benefit of using OpenDNS is that, as the world’s largest DNS service, the Cisco network will likely ramp up your internet speeds to a noticeable degree. That means instead of having to worry that your filtering service will slow down your browsing, you can be pleased that it is actually improving the quality of your network connections.


The cons for OpenDNS are limited but noticeable. The first issue is that it doesn’t include many of the other parental controls that you get from popular filtering services. There’s no app blocker or screen-time limitations. Moreover, it doesn’t come with locator services that many of the best and most popular internet filtering services provide.

Finally, some people might be confused by the concept of OpenDNS. However, using the service is easy and painless, and it works with any Wi-Fi or internet connect device and any internet service provider. Therefore, the fact that OpenDNS works differently from the software and programs you’re used to isn’t a great reason not to use it.


Everyone who wants to get parental control software, internet filtering, or internet monitoring applications needs to try OpenDNS first. After all, the service is free, it provides filtering services from one of the biggest names in internet technologies, and works with all devices and service providers. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.