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Optenet is an internet filtering service targeted at enterprise clients and service providers, which means it’s the internet filtering service for the biggest online operations. Therefore, it won’t offer the types of monitoring and reporting that people look for in parental control software and similar products which are targeted at individuals and smaller entities. If your enterprise business needs internet filtering solutions, Optenet is a service you should definitely consider.



Optenet is one of the few internet filtering solution providers to work on the enterprise and internet service provider scale. They offer solutions like MIDAS, Multicontent Inspection & Dynamic Analysis System, which is used to screen hidden threats out of content like videos. Another system used by Optenet is GIANT, Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats. GIANT takes information from multiple online sources and compiles it to by analyzed against a well-developed database of threat patterns. The system then pushes out alerts and countermeasures to other Optenet clients around the world so they can be distributed to enterprise systems and service providers, protecting the backbone of the internet.

While Optenet doesn’t operate at the individual end-user level, their systems offer many of the same features that consumers look for in internet filtering software. These include web filtering services to block inappropriate traffic and excessive or aggressive ads, anti-phishing measures to constantly scan networks for threats, firewall services, and services to protect minors from adult content and cyber-bullying.

In addition to the filtering services, Optenet services also work to reduce bandwidth latency to avoid traffic congestion and provide other services for networks and auxiliary services to aid their primary offerings. One such auxiliary service is an Unblocking service that resolves false positives for harmful content so legitimate content can continue to be spread on the net.


The biggest con for Optenet for our purposes is that they don’t have any services that are within the reach of end-users. However, users and parents can still ask their service provider questions about what kind of filtering and monitoring services it uses to keep them safe as customers. Moreover, anyone who is in charge of an IT department at an enterprise-sized company would still be interested in Optenet’s services.


Optenet is good for a very select niche of clients and customers, but in those instances, it is one of the best. The service has been around for more than a decade, and has been satisfying customers at the very highest level of internet service that whole time.