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Peanut Butter PC is the ultimate tool for protecting very young children who want to explore computers. After all, with the youngest children there’s no concept of what is and isn’t a good thing to click on, and so the risk of them accidentally interacting with ads that lead them to dangerous and inappropriate content is higher than you think. Peanut Butter PC resolves these issues by transforming your computer into a safe place for your child to learn and explore.

Peanut Butter PC


Peanut Butter PC completely cuts off access to your computers core programs and functions and temporarily presents an extremely limited and child-friendly version of an operating system for your child to use to explore the computer.

In addition to protecting your child from the dangerous and unpredictable world of the internet, Peanut Butter PC also protects your computer from your child. After all, when children start clicking on things they don’t understand, almost anything can happen. Peanut Butter PC hides all access to your files, settings, and configurations. As a result, you can confidently let your child play on the computer using the kid-friendly interactive desktop the program creates. Peanut Butter PC can easily shut off by typing a pre-set patter of keystrokes into the computer. This protects your computer and your child from accidentally closing the program and exposing them and your computer to dangerous and inappropriate content.


The biggest issues with Peanut Butter PC is the fact it’s only targeted at very young children. The program doesn’t allow access to standard internet browsers or programs, and so it isn’t useful to anyone who needs to use standard programs and functions on the computer. Peanut Butter PC is an example of the most extreme type of parental controls and is useful only in the most extreme situations when the children are very young.


Peanut Butter PC is an excellent option if you want to introduce your young children to the computer so that they can begin to learn to interact with technology that is becoming ever-more common in the modern day. After all, computers are incredibly useful tools, so it makes sense to introduce your children to the computer as soon as possible. However, that doesn’t mean that you should place your children or your computer at risk. Peanut Butter PC   bridges the gap between most children-oriented computer tools and gets them ready to use the internet, where you’ll need to find different parental control software and internet monitoring tools.