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Pearl Echo is an internet filtering and monitoring service targeted at businesses. It comes with a host of different services and features designed to provide top level filtering and monitoring as well as internet security features to keep sensitive business and client information safe and secure.

Pearl Echo


Pearl Echo uses sophisticated technologies focus on user trends to monitor harmful traffic and user behavior. These analytics allow companies to categorize employee surfing patterns and give insights regarding how users spend time on the internet. These insights include the cost to the company and the way web usage affects an employee’s overall productivity.

Another innovative feature of Pearl Echo is the way that it works to preserve bandwidth on your business’s network. Bandwidth is a precious resource for medium-to-large sized businesses. Most companies this size have exactly the amount of bandwidth they need. They don’t have a ton of spare bandwidth to run monitoring programs which analyze every bit of their traffic.

Pearl Echo is also easy to incorporate into your current system. It uses pre-existing lists and user groups to create different administrative-level profiles. As a result, users get the level of access they need according to what kind of tasks they are performing. For example, your marketing department should certainly be able to access Facebook, but your accountants probably don’t need to have social media access in order to do their jobs.

Finally, Pearl Echo makes employee accountability easy by creating a log of any violations and attempt violations of protocols. It archives these violations in an easy-to-use database so that violations can be discussed or used to enforce accountability in the future.


The biggest drawback to Pearl Echo is its limited market segment. End users like families and individuals won’t benefit from the product, as it offers services and demands an infrastructure which far outstrips anything a single user would have.

However, it does a great job of filling in the gap between small business solutions and enterprise products. This is an important market segment, as medium and large businesses play a huge role in the economy, so ensuring their productivity and safety is an urgent priority.


Pearl Echo is worth exploring if you run a business that has an appropriate size and infrastructure to require the sort of services it offers. There aren’t many internet filtering and monitoring services that are designed for medium or large sized businesses, as most companies either focus on the enterprise level or the small business market.