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Pluckeye is an internet filter software that prevents people from accessing certain parts of the internet. It is designed as both a productivity aid and a way to help people manage addictions to harmful content like pornography and gambling. It uses a unique approach that blocks all images and videos on the internet by default. Moreover, it uses a delay system to make sure that users truly want to access the content they are attempting to whitelist. This system of delayed gratification has proven to be effective in helping addicts and those with poor impulse control make good choices with their internet viewing habits.



Pluckeye works differently than other filters. It blocks all images and videos from the internet by default. Users don’t have access to any kind of visual media from the internet unless they reconfigure the filters to allow for some media to come through. Users can configure allowances by site or by time frame. However, any whitelisting of a site takes five hours to take effect. As a result, users are encouraged to think about if they really want to see the content they are requesting, which helps them make better choices with their time and internet use in general.

Another great feature of Pluckeye is how difficult it is to bypass or uninstall. Users must wait for a delay cycle to uninstall the software, which means they must decide to remove it twice. This delay gives them time to consider their decision to make sure that they really want to remove the filtering program and open themselves up to the internet in its unfiltered form.

Moreover, Pluckeye is completely free. The organization accepts donations and contributions, but they believe that this kind of software should be freely available to help people who have a problem managing their internet use. As a result, it’s a great option for people struggling with porn addition or those who are easily distracted by all the internet has to offer.


It’s extremely hard to find problems with a free program that does what is says it will do. Pluckeye might not be the best piece of software for people who share a computer with other users, or those who need internet access to photos and media for their jobs. Pluckeye also isn’t as effective for people who like to read things on the internet and aren’t distracted by visual media.


Pluckeye is certainly worth a try if you’re trying to manage or eliminate an addiction to porn, or if you’re the kind of person who consistently moves from one video or article to the next, wasting time when you should be working.