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Puresight is a multi-device online child safety and parental control software. It seeks to protect children from the worst and most dangerous elements of the internet while providing a safe environment for them to grow and learn. It offers a free trial, so parents should try it before they invest their hard-earned money into the program.



One of the best things about Puresight is the fact that it works across multiple devices. Many of the parental control software packages on the market today operate on only one or a few different devices. As a result, Puresight lets you use the same software to monitor and regular internet use on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. Moreover, Puresight works across different operating systems, so it can work on your Windows PC and your iPad.

Puresight is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including awards and positive reviews from well-known institutions like TopTenReviews, PC Magazine, and OPSWAT. As a result, it has the backing from the kind of institutions that parents like to see when they are considering internet filtering software and parental controls to keep their children safe online.

In addition to monitoring and restricting website traffic, Puresight also keeps and analyzes chat logs for evidence of cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is a growing problem among the nation’s youth. The effects of cyberbullying can be devastating for young children, and they are often too afraid or embarrassed to take the situation to the proper authorities. Puresight lets you keep an eye on the situation so you can act in your child’s best interest.


There is some question as to whether or not Puresight is still an actively updated service. The most recent award on their website is from nearly three years ago, and the website itself is copyright 2011. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to give the free trail a shot before you fully invest in the program.


Puresight offers an intriguing option for its users. If you like the free trial, then you should get the full product. It has one of the lowest monthly subscription prices out of the different internet filtering and parental control packages we’ve looked at, $2 per month. As a result, it’s worth taking a shot on the software to ensure you’re getting the protection that your children deserve. After all, the internet is a big place and it can have lots of dangerous content, and you owe it to your children to make sure they have a safe environment to grow and learn.