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With all the different internet devices that children have access to these days it can be hard to find a monitoring program that covers all of the devices. This can create complications because children can use the different devices and different programs to circumvent the controls you’re trying to establish. Qustodio is an internet filtering and monitoring application that offers some of the best support documentation and ease of use on the market today.



Qustodio’s greatest strength is that it is a browser-based application that works inside your child’s web browser to filter out pornography and adult content. As a result, you’ll be able to keep your child safe from exposure to harmful materials and vulgar content that they’re too young to be looking at.

Another benefit of Qustodio is that it keeps a record of all the websites your child visits. This gives you an excellent window into how your child is using the internet and what kind of behavior they’re engaging in. Moreover, Qustodio does a fabulous job of monitoring social media applications like Facebook. This helps you make sure your child isn’t involved in any kind of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can create a tremendous barrier to your child’s healthy academic and social development. Therefore, the fact that Qustodio allows you to step in and intervene if needed presents a great value for parents.

Moreover, Qustodio allows you to set customized limits for different children. That lets you customize web access according to what you think each child can handle and what kind of content they need access to. Moreover, you can set limits for different devices, so you can regulate your child’s usage of different devices at different times, helping you establish guidelines for safe internet use.


One of the biggest drawbacks of Qustodio is that it doesn’t send text message alerts when your child attempts to view prohibited content. That means you’ll either have to manually review the logs or wait for the report interval to find out what your child has been doing on the internet. While some parents might find this to be a downside, most parents aren’t worried about getting immediate notifications about their child’s internet use, as there is usually nothing they can do about it in the moment.


Qustodio is one of the best internet filtering and monitoring programs on the internet. It offers excellent filtering and monitoring abilities and helps to keep your children safe from the most dangerous elements of the internet.