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This cloud-based device-and-app combo takes an entirely different approach to many other accountability packages that are available. For a full web management system, you can have complete control visibility and superb protection.

Router Limits


Supported Devices

Any device that is either wired or wireless can be connected to Router Limits in your home.

Ease of Installation

Router Limits is a separate router that plugs into your current home network

Device Level Control

Each device that connects to your home network can be customized based on their needs; every device can be treated on its own or as part of a group.

Safe Search

You can lock on the major search engines safe search options and filter search results. You can filter all websites, images, or videos you deem as explicit.


You have the option of restricting mature content from YouTube. Once enabled, it will not be possible to see any comments on the videos that are watched.

Full Featured

Router Limits leaves many other accountability packages behind when it comes to features. You can manage screen time, filter content, and track and report on browsing history. You can also set up restricted mode for YouTube search results.



Router Limits consists of the home router which is a one-off cost, and for each mobile device that you require outside of your home, there is a monthly charge of $9.99.


As Router Limits is a plug-in device, it might be a simple matter of a member of the family unplugging the device and connecting the original cable for a period to bypass the content filtering that is set in place.


For a home or business connected to one network, Router Limits is packed full of features that will never leave you wanting. No matter how you wish to configure content for your family or business, Router Limits can has top-rated features that cater to your needs.

As noted above, the disadvantages are minimal especially when compared to its many advantages. Moreover, for a home or business, this can be one of the best most versatile options you can find. The company not only promises a lot but delivers on them.