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Safe DNS is a product designed for home or office internet filtering and monitoring. It works to block malware as well as harmful and inappropriate content like pornography. This keeps your children safe or your staff productive while they’re at work. Safe DNS works a bit differently from most internet filtering programs in that it operates at the DNS level and in the cloud, so you don’t have to install any software or run any background programs for it to be effective.

Safe DNS


One of the best aspects of Safe DNS is the cost. Safe DNS Home can be had for $19.99 per year, which is much cheaper than nearly every similar service. This level of service will let you protect up to three networks on one account. Moreover, you can use it to create white lists and black lists of acceptable and unacceptable sites, so your child stays safe online and your employees stay on task.

Another great thing about Safe DNS is that it protects entire networks, rather than protecting individual devices. That means you don’t have to worry about making sure new devices are covered or installing any software when your child or office gets new technology. This makes the service incredibly easy to manage and also protects any guests that come to your house and clients that come to your office.

Safe DNS also works to protect your network from malware, botnets, and phishing attacks. This can help keep your personal and financial information safe from attacks and identity thieves. These kinds of attacks can be extremely costly and disruptive, as you lose your hard-earned money or have to jump through several hoops with the bank, credit card companies, and credit reporting agencies to clear your good name.


One of the drawbacks of Safe DNS is that it doesn’t include any kind of time restriction services. That means you’ll have to rely on other software or your own actions to police your children’s screen time. Additionally, it doesn’t block games unless you block the entire domain, and doesn’t block any kind of apps that are on your child’s phone and devices.

Additionally, Safe DNS doesn’t give activity logs or records of chats or social media use, which is an increasingly important element in modern society. Social media can be used for cyberbullying and is one of the most common ways for child predators to find victims, so this is a major gap in Safe DNS’s coverage.


Safe DNS is a good option for parents who are worried about harmful content and attacks, but trust their child to safely and responsibly use things like social media and games.