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It’s rare these days to find a child who doesn’t have an internet capable device within arm’s length at nearly every time of the day. This level of access provides great tools for learning and social interaction, but it also places children at risk from a number of sources. The internet can be a dark and scary place, and the increasing connectivity between people and content exposes children to some of the darkest elements of human society. Salfeld is an internet filtering and monitoring software that helps to keep your child safe online.



The best aspect of Salfeld is that it offers a free trial. That means you can try the software and make sure it fits your needs before you commit finances. This is important, as there are multiple competing products that work to protect your children, and you want to make sure you’ve got the best protection possible for your children.

Salfeld also allows you to set multiple different time limits on devices. You can limit programs, apps, websites, or total screen time. This gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to managing your child’s internet use. After all, there are certainly situations where you’d want to limit total screen time as well as limiting the amount of time they spend playing games. This kind of control lets you make sure your children are getting the most out of their device usage without having to worry about being overly draconian.

Another interesting feature you get from Salfeld is the ability to set content filters according to age. That way your older children aren’t restricted to the same extent as your very young children. This allows them to slowly explore more and more of the internet, while keeping them safe from the most harmful and dangerous content out there.


The biggest drawback to Salfeld is that it is only available for Windows and Android devices. That means it won’t work for your family’s iPads or Apple computers. This limits the programs utility to families, and also restricts what kind of technology you purchase in the future if you want to keep using the same application for internet monitoring and filtering.


Salfeld is a good option for most families if they use Windows and Android devices. It provides greater flexibility than you get from many other internet filtering and monitoring programs. At the very least, the free trial is worth checking out to see how the program works.