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Self Restraint is an accountability application that is used to manage your time and block distracting websites when you’re trying to be productive. We all use the internet for work and for recreation, and the connectivity the internet offers can create temptations that distract you from getting your work done. We sometimes need help to overcome these challenges, and Self Restraint works to help you stay on target while you go about your day.

Self Restraint


One of the best aspects of Self Restraint is that you can block distracting sites for a certain amount of time. That allows you to focus on your work so you can accomplish your tasks instead of getting distracted by things like Facebook or the endless series of 24 hour news cycles with articles constantly being pumped out and updated.

Another benefit of Self Restraint is that it’s free to use. That sets it apart from other internet accountability and filtering applications, as those frequently charge monthly subscription fees or yearly subscription fees. Moreover, because the service is free, you don’t have to worry about losing any money on trying the program out.

Finally, Self Restraint works across multiple platforms and devices. This is important because people are smart enough to figure out that they can get around accountability programs if they simply start looking at the internet or social media on their phone instead of using their computer. Therefore, Self Restraint provides a valuable service and does so at the best price point of all, free.


There are a few cons for Self Restraint. First of all, the program is still in development in some ways. That means you’re more likely to encounter bugs or issues and have to deal with difficulties. This means it might not be the most efficient or effective method for accounting for your time.

Another issue is that the software doesn’t have any kind of customization when it comes to what kind of filters you put on. The program also doesn’t have any kind of scheduling function, which means that it doesn’t provide the same level of assistance that other applications might offer.


Self Restraint is a good choice for people who are interested in exploring programs developed by small developers and want a program that cuts off access to distractions and is free. Self Restraint checks all of these boxes. However, the program isn’t necessarily the best option for most consumers.