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There are so many different internet filtering and monitoring programs available online that it’s hard to tell what the best programs are. One program that stands apart from the rest is Smoothwall. Smoothwall works by using a content-aware filter to determine whether content is appropriate or inappropriate for the people viewing it. This sets it apart from other services because they use URL filters to determine if content should be viewed, and this method of filtering can be inaccurate and produce false blocks and restrictions.



The content aware filter Smoothwall uses is easily the most interesting pro the program offers. This feature allows the program to dynamically engage with the content you or tour family is looking at to ensure that it is appropriate without blocking sites that have useful or education information.

Moreover, Smoothwall integrates easily with Google. It makes the default search for any Google search the Safe Search, which lets it take advantage of the power of Google to keep people safe from inappropriate content.

Smoothwall also has social media controls that enables read-only mode. This lets kids and adults view social media posts but doesn’t allow them to comment or engage in conversations on those sites. This prevents people from falling down the rabbit hole of social media interactions, where a series of small time investments can rapidly spiral to an entire wasted day.

Smoothwall also provides alerts and notifications to let you know when people attempt to breach or get around the safeguards you’ve instituted. This allows you to rapidly respond to any instance where your family or business is at risk. As a result, you can rapidly contain any safety breach and ensure your network is only providing appropriate content.


There are a few cons for Smoothwall. The first is that Smoothwall runs off of a piece of hardware, so you’ll only be protected when you’re on your own network. This can leave your employees and family open to harmful content and attacks.

Additionally, the software offers so many different kinds of reporting that users can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. While these reports offer a powerful way to track your traffic and internet usage.


Smoothwall is an excellent option for institutions and businesses that have to maintain large infrastructures and network facilities. It offers plenty of different features that most organizations will find useful for restricting inappropriate content and keeping everyone on task.