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Keeping your child safe on the internet is an increasingly difficult task for modern parents. There are all kinds of threats online these days, from child predators to risky behavior. Children don’t have the background knowledge or experience to use the internet responsibly, so they need some help and guidance while they are learning more about how to safely use the world wide web. SpyAgent is an incredibly popular internet filtering and monitoring app for parents. It offers a number of unique and innovative features.



One of the best features of SpyAgent is that it offers an extremely comprehensive monitoring package. SpyAgent doesn’t just track what websites your child goes to, it also tracks keystrokes and even webcam activity. As a result, SpyAgent offers some of the most complete monitoring abilities you can get in the parental control market. Webcam monitoring is a particularly unique and innovative feature that you don’t get from very many other pieces of monitoring software.

Another great feature of SpyAgent is the alerts that it sends to parents when children attempt to access inappropriate content or search for inappropriate content. Therefore, you can get instant notifications so you can correct your child’s risky or inappropriate behavior when it happens instead of having to wait for a weekly report to find out what your child has been up to.

SpyAgent also lets you monitor chat applications and services. You can use this to help your child avoid issues with cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has serious implications and can cause severe complications for your child’s growth and educational development.

Another benefit of SpyAgent is the fact that it’s easy and simple to install. The program uses a configuration wizard to help you establish the exact settings and that you’re looking for. Therefore, it’s a straightforward task to get SpyAgent set up and keep your children safe.


One of the biggest cons for SpyAgent is that it doesn’t include text message monitoring. While this isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be because children increasingly use other apps and services to communicate other than text messages, it would be nice to include this service in their program.


SpyAgent is one of the best reviewed internet filtering and monitoring programs on the web for a reason. It offers a unique and innovative series of features that aren’t replicated in many other internet monitoring applications, and is an excellent choice for most parents.