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It can be hard to be a parent in the modern day in age. Parents face more challenges now than ever before. One of the biggest hurdles a parent faces is making sure that your child is safe online. Between inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators, there’s a huge array of threats that parents need to manage. Surfie by Puresight offers parents a way to keep their children safe online while ensuring they still have the freedom to use the internet to explore and grow.



One of the best things about Surfie is that it offers social media monitoring. More and more of children’s interaction occurs through social media today. Therefore, monitoring social media behavior is a vital ingredient when it comes to keeping your child safe online. While there are other internet monitoring applications, it can be hard to find one that does as good of a job managing social media interactions as Surfie.

Another great element of Surfie is that the installation is a straightforward process. This helps it stand apart from some of the other internet monitoring and parental control applications we’ve looked at. Some of these programs have complicated setups in order to establish what kind of content different users are able to access. That isn’t an issue for Surfie, as you can get the program up and running and protecting your child online within five minutes.

Surfie also excels in that it offers the same level of customization that you get from more complicated programs without having to use the complicated interface. Moreover, it includes an easy-to-understand administrative dashboard so you can control and monitor your child’s computer use remotely.


One of the biggest drawbacks with Surfie is the lack of support the application gets. While there is a knowledge base you can use to find answers to any questions you might have, there isn’t any live chat or phone support option. Therefore, you’ll be on your own if you encounter any difficulties with the application.

Another place where Surfie is lacking is in the fact that it doesn’t take any screenshots for you to get a solid idea of what kind of content your child is looking at. While this does help make the program a bit more lean, it is a nice feature to have that most of the other internet monitoring and parental control applications have.


Overall, Surfie is a great option for keeping your children safe online. It offers a wide range of monitoring and restriction services to ensure that your child is only seeing appropriate content while being protected from cyberbullying and other dangerous internet elements.