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The internet is full of useful and helpful information. However, it is also full of temptation and inappropriate content, and children are exposed every day. True Vine Online is an internet filter program that seeks to keep your children away from the worst parts of the internet while still allowing them to explore the better sites on the net.

True Vine Online


The first thing that stands out about True Vine Online is the size of the company. They claim to be large enough to take care of your needs, but small enough to offer personalized support and attention. The owners are involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, which means you can trust that there will be a high level of quality control for the program.

Additionally, True Vine Online offers a host of other web-services for your family’s enjoyment and to keep them safe. These services include a personal blog, web hosting, and more. As a result, True Vine Online is a place you can go for all of your internet needs besides an actual connection to the net itself.

True Vine Online works with any internet service provider, so you won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues or technical problems when you’re trying to keep your family safe from the worst elements of the internet.


There are several issues that need to be addressed for True Vine Online. The first is that the service seems to be completely outdated. The most recent copyright registration on the site is 1999. As a result, there are some serious questions as to how effective the service will be.

Additionally, there’s no kind of monitoring or reports functions for True Vine Online. As a result, you won’t know what kind of content your children and family are actually looking at. Therefore, you’ll have to rely on the judgement of True Vine Online in order to keep your family safe.

Additionally, there’s no indication that True Vine Online works across different devices or that it can work on mobile devices. Therefore, it might not work on more modern devices. As a result, you’ll want to be sure that True Vine Online really is the program that you want to use for your family’s protection.


True Vine Online probably shouldn’t be your first choice for internet monitoring and filtering applications. There are plenty of other internet monitoring applications that provide more control and better functionality than True Vine Online.