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The internet really is an amazing tool that people can use to accomplish wonderful things. However, it is also a potential source of harm and inappropriate content. Tuputech is an internet filtering and monitoring application that uses dynamic content analysis to make sure the content being delivered to your network meets your standards.



The best thing about Tuputech is that it uses content analysis methods to determine whether or not content is appropriate for your users. That means you don’t have to worry about managing blacklists and whitelists or managing different levels of content and databases.

Another important feature of Tuputech is that it is a scalable solution. This makes it great for schools and institutions that are looking for an internet filtering and monitoring application that can grow with them. As a result, it’s perfect for medium-sized businesses that are looking to rapidly scale up their operations but don’t want to worry about the complications and growing pains that come with ramping up operations.

Finally, Tuputech also goes beyond other internet monitoring and filtering applications because it can track violence in images and videos in addition to adult material and pornography. Most of the other content filtering sites available on the internet focus so strongly on adult content that they fail to consider the dangerous and harmful effect that violent images and videos can have on children.


One of the cons of Tuputech is that the price can climb pretty high. It costs $6.00 per 10,000 images. Therefore, if you’re not ready for a burst of traffic you can find yourself facing a rather steep bill for your filtering services.

Additionally, Tuputech doesn’t provide any kind of reports or analysis of how people are spending their time on your network. Therefore, while inappropriate and violent content is blocked, you can’t be sure that your users are operating on your network in the most efficient manner.


Tuputech is a good solution for medium-sized businesses and schools that are looking to grow and want a scalable product to resolve their internet content filtering needs. The dynamic content analysis helps Tuputech stand apart from the crowd.