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It can be hard to keep your children safe online, and the speed of technological development makes the threats that children face that much more intimidating. Keeping children safe now requires that you manage their internet and technology use across multiple devices, and monitor their communications with friends to ensure they aren’t vior $0ctims of cyberbullying or something worse. UKnowKids Premier is an internet filtering and monitoring product brought to you in partnership with Norton, one of the most preeminent anti-virus and internet safety companies in the game.



One of the biggest advantages you get with UKnowKids is that you can monitor all the different kinds of uses for their devices. That includes programs like Snapchat which are designed to delete communications, and text messages, which don’t usually go over the internet and so don’t get picked up by most of the internet safety programs on the market today.

Another feature of UKnowKids is that it allows you to follow your child’s activities on social media. This means you can make sure they stay safe from cyberbullying. Moreover, it lets you find out if your child is using any kind of secret or hidden social media accounts you don’t know about. As a result, you’ll be sure your child is safe in their online interactions.

UKnowKids also lets you know where your kids are at any given time. The Geolocator service also comes with a check-in feature that helps you be sure your children got to the destination they were supposed to go to, and didn’t wind up anywhere else.


When it comes to cons, there aren’t very many for UKnowKids. The biggest issue we have is the cost, which comes in at $10 per month. However, you can sign up for a year-long subscription for $70, or a lifetime subscription for $120.

Some users have complained that Norton products are hard to remove once you decide you don’t want them anymore. However, these complaints seem to be targeted at their anti-virus software more than the UKnowKids application.


UKnowKids is an excellent internet monitoring application to keep your family safe. It comes from one of the most trusted names in online security and offers all of the features and services you need to feel comfortable that your children are safe wherever they are.