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Businesses and large organizations face unique challenges when it comes to obtaining internet filtering and monitoring services. After all, these sorts of organizations have a much larger infrastructure and more specialized needs when it comes to protecting their network and the devices and users attached to it. Untangle is one solution that organizations on this scale should consider.



Untangle is an open source firewall program that works to restrict access to harmful content across the network. It has tremendous flexibility when it comes to protecting your network. You can run untangle on your own network hardware, or use buy hardware from untangle that comes preloaded with everything you need to keep your organization’s network running smoothly and efficiently.

Moreover, untangle operates at the firmware level in addition to hardware and software. Untangle provides Wi-Fi routers with a pre-installed firewall. These devices work together to detect phishing, malware and other harmful pieces of information. One of the most important elements that untangle protects against is ransomware. Ransomware takes over your network and locks it down. You aren’t able to do anything until you pay a ransom to get the application off of your computer. These attacks have been increasingly popular in recent years, and they’ve cost businesses and organizations hundreds of millions of dollars.

Another benefit of untangle is that you can run it as a virtual machine. This can save your organization a tremendous amount of money on hardware and other associated costs. Moreover, untangle is used by many of the most populous school districts in the country, and if these organizations trust untangle to keep their networks safe from harmful content you can trust it will work for your business.


There are a few drawbacks to untangle. The first issue is that it is a service designed for large organizations and not individual end users. Therefore, it isn’t ideal for protecting your individual family or network from harmful attacks.

Additionally, untangle doesn’t provide information regarding what kind of reports it provides on the way your users are employing your network. Therefore, it probably isn’t the best option for organizations looking for internet accountability applications.


Untangle is an excellent option for most organizations looking to restrict their network’s vulnerability to harmful content and attacks. It operates on several different levels to provide security for networks no matter what the situation is. If your business or organization is looking for solutions for network security, then you should give untangle a consideration.