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The internet is an essential business tool these days. It’s hard for any business to successfully compete on the market without using all of the tools that the internet has to offer. However, there is one serious issue with giving employees internet access. Employees are people and people are prone to distractions. Social media, streaming videos, news, sports, and entertainment are all at everyone’s fingertips is an internet accountability application that helps businesses monitor employee internet use and ensure their profitability and productivity. Additionally, Verity offers parental control software to help keep families and children safe from harmful content.



One of the best things about Verity is that it allows users to monitor computer use both online and offline. Therefore, you can track how employees and your family are spending time on their computers to ensure they’re not getting into anything they shouldn’t be. This is especially useful for businesses, as an employee who has almost no internet traffic isn’t necessarily being productive, and could be wasting time in other ways. Moreover, many games don’t require an internet connection or internet traffic, so Verity lets you see how your children are spending their time online.

Another great feature of Verity for parents is that they can limit overall screen time for their children. Parents are having an increasingly difficult time getting kids to put down their phones and devices. Limiting screen time helps families come together at mealtime and forces your children to interact with the physical world.

Finally, Verity blocks sites with harmful content so that your children aren’t exposed to adult themes or behavior online. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your children are protected from the worst elements of the internet.


There are a few cons when it comes to Verity. The first issue is that the program only works on Windows machines. That means you won’t be able to use it on Apple or Mac devices. If your family uses Apple products you’ll have to look elsewhere for your internet monitoring and filtering needs.

Another issue with Verity is the price. The parental control software has a discount price of $49.99, which is a bit steep for internet filtering and monitoring programs. You can get other software that’s just as effective for a lower price. Moreover, other software can operate across multiple operating systems.


Verity is a good option for Windows users looking for parental controls to help keep their children safe. However, there are cheaper options that just work as well, so you should probably look elsewhere for your internet monitoring needs.