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The internet is one of the most powerful inventions that humanity has ever come up with. However, it also has created a number of threats to our financial security and to the appropriate development of children. The Web Blocker is a free application that lets Windows users block problematic sites and URLs.

The Web Blocker


The best thing about Web Blocker is that the program is 100% free. That means there’s no risk to you if you’re trying to protect your children and family from dangerous and harmful content. Most internet filtering and monitoring services charge a yearly fee or even a monthly subscription fee. As a result, Web Blocker can save you a small pile of money every year.

Another benefit of Web Blocker is that you can blacklist any website, making it impossible to reach. That means you’ll be able to enforce limitations of things like social media and video streaming sites so that your child stays on task and productive instead of wasting time on videos and games.

The interface is easy to use, and makes it a breeze to ban sites from your computer so that your children are protected from the worst elements on the web.


There are several drawbacks to Web Blocker however. The biggest issue is that there’s no existing database of sites to block for your children. That means you’ll have to manually enter in every website you want to block. This can take a ton of time and is an incredibly inefficient method of keeping your internet access safe for kids.

Another problem is that there isn’t any monitoring capacity with Web Blocker. That means you won’t know what kind of sites you need to block unless you constantly go through the list of your children’s history and look at every single site they look at. This can create an extremely tedious setup where you lose lots of time and energy keeping track of what your kids are up to when you could pay a small amount of money to have software do the work for you.


Web Blocker may have been a good program before, but it is simply out of date now. There are too many different sites and threats on the internet for you to keep up with the hassle of entering every single banned site into the program. Moreover, recent versions of Windows duplicate this program’s functions, making it redundant and unnecessary.