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While everyone needs some kind of internet monitoring service to keep their devices, users, and data safe, there are organizations that have more specialized needs that can’t be met by standard commercial software. One example of these organizations is companies that make and administer standardized tests.

Standardized tests are an increasingly important way to test how well students have learned and to understand their aptitudes so they can be channeled into the appropriate career paths. Standardized tests are used for college, law school, and graduate school admissions, and so people are very competitive when it comes to doing well on them. This competition has resulted in attacks on organizational networks to try and get access to the exams ahead of time. Web Patrol by Caveon is one of the few services designed to meet the needs of these organizations.

Web Patrol


The biggest pro for Web Patrol is the fact that it is specifically designed for exam companies and understands the unique needs they have and the unique nature of the threats they face. After all, from the company’s perspective, there’s nothing more important than making sure the exams are unbiased and accurate. If the exams are exposed ahead of time then the whole test is called into question, risking loss of business for the company and possibly presenting a terminal risk to the company itself.

Web Patrol delivers precise results so that you can maintain a comprehensive list of sites that may present a threat to your exams. The results are actionable and curated by a combination of machine intelligence and human operators to provide an internet filtering service designed for exam companies which is second to none in terms of effectiveness.


One of the biggest drawbacks for Web Patrol is that it isn’t designed or intended for individual end users. Therefore, it’s not the best option to look into if you’re trying to find parental control or other software to keep your family safe from harmful and inappropriate content on the internet.

However, Web Patrol might be a good option for businesses that are at a high risk of intellectual property theft. Biotech, chemical, steel, and other companies that rely on trade secrets to turn a profit might be able to benefit from the unique human and machine added services that caveon provides through Web Patrol.


Web Patrol does one thing and it does it well. They have an impressive background, and the services they offer do a great job of protecting intellectual property like exams.