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Businesses all over the world rely on safe and consistent access to the internet in order to conduct their operations and turn a profit. However, the internet presents just as many risks as it does opportunities. These risks include the obvious attacks like malware, ransomware, and viruses, but they also include risks to productivity and profitability. The internet is full of potential distractions for employees, ranging from social media and news to streaming videos and fantasy football. As a result, employers have been having a tough time ensuring that their workers stay on task. Web Titan is an internet filtering and monitoring application designed to minimize non-work internet use so you can get the most out of your workers.

Web Titan


One of the best things about Web Titan is the fact that it has been endorsed and is used by so many major companies and corporations. Virgin, Toyota, and more all use Web Titan to understand how their employees are using the internet and to monitor web traffic to intercept and prevent any threats before they become a major problem.

Web Titan monitors employee web traffic to see how they’re using the internet and allows companies to set personalized filters to prevent their employees from wasting too much time. These filters can be set up to allow different departments in your organization have the internet access they need without restricting them or creating unnecessary obstacles for them to jump through every time they have to access a website that has found its way to the blocked list.

Another advantage of Web Titan is the fact that they can check internet traffic for harmful and inappropriate content. Harmful content can be devastating to a business. Harmful traffic can contain things like ransomware or malware that can cripple or shut down your operations. Ransomware attacks have been increasingly popular with hackers lately, and they’ve cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars in payments and lost productivity.


There are very few cons to dealing with Web Titan. Their client list and resume speak volumes about them. The only question that businesses must ask themselves is if they are confident they will get a solid return on their employee monitoring investments that justify the cost of Web Titan’s services.


Web Titan is an excellent choice for most medium to enterprise sized businesses. The software is effective at increasing employee productivity while ensuring your internet and network remain safe and reliable.