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It can be hard to keep your children safe on the internet these days. Between inappropriate content, violent content, and cyberbullying, it feels like there’s a new threat to the children every day in the digital world. That’s why so many parents are turning to internet filters and accountability programs to ensure their children are using the internet in a safe way and aren’t exposing themselves with dangerous or risky decisions. WebShadow is a free service that tracks the websites your children use so you can make sure they stay safe and on task while they’re online.



The best thing about WebShadow is that the service is absolutely free. Many other internet monitoring companies charge an arm and a leg in the form of monthly subscription fees for their services. WebShadow offers free service so that you can keep your children safe online without having to break the bank to pay for it.

WebShadow also sends out instant alerts whenever your child visits a suspicious site or conducts a search for inappropriate content. That way you’ll know exactly what your child is getting up to and when they’re doing it so you can take steps to correct the behavior. After all, the internet is here to stay, and children need to learn responsible browsing habits if they’re ever going to be functional and productive members of society.

Another great element about WebShadow’s service is that you get customized and detailed weekly reports that show you exactly how much time your child is spending on various sites, while at the same time helping you understand what’s on your child’s mind so you can be sure to be there for them when they need it.

Finally, WebShadow does all of this without slowing down your internet service. As a result, you can still browse sites, watch videos, and enjoy content at the same speed you did before, but with the knowledge that your children are safe from the worst aspects of the world wide web.


There are a few drawbacks with WebShadow’s services when compared to other online filtering and monitoring options. WebShadow doesn’t offer the same level of service some other providers do. For example, lots of other parental control applications have a feature that allows you to track your child’s location through the GPS chip in their phone or device. WebShadow doesn’t seem to offer this feature with their services.

That being said, other services also cost a lot more than WebShadow does, so it’s understandable that you won’t be getting the full range of features you’d expect from a paid service.


WebShadow is an excellent free option for keeping up with your children’s internet use so you can make sure they’re making smart choices and developing good browsing habits.