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Parents are always on the lookout for new tools to protect their children from the latest threats. One of the biggest challenges that many children face is cyberbullying through chat features through games and different social media applications. Parents have been looking for a way to monitor and restrict their child’s access to these features without banning the games and applications that all of their friends are using. Witigo provides a solution for these parents while also offering a comprehensive suite of monitoring and filtering services.



One of the best features of Witigo is the ability to block chat services in all kinds of applications and games. This helps your child stay safe from cyberbullying and other harmful exchanges that can take place over chat.

Another interesting feature of Witigo is that, rather than completely blocking all sites, some of the restricted categories will redirect your child to a fun, child-safe site with interesting and educational facts. This helps prevent your child from getting frustrated and angry at your internet filtering program and keeps them engaged while also keeping them safe.

Additionally, Witigo offers screenshots so you can see exactly what your child is looking at. As a result, you can act as backup to make sure that all of the content your child consumes meets your values in addition to the standards for the filter Witigo uses.

Witigo also gives you access to the different online searches your child has conducted. That way you can see not only what content they actually got to, but what kind of content they were trying to get to. This is especially helpful for parents who are worried about children finding ways to circumvent the parental controls on their devices.


There are a few drawbacks for Witigo. One of the biggest issues is the setup. Witigo has a more complicated setup than most of the internet filtering and monitoring programs we’ve looked at, and that can be a deal breaker for parents who are casual technology users.

Additionally, Witigo doesn’t offer livechat support to help you understand the setup process and the different ways that you can set up the filtering and monitoring functions of the application. Instead you’ll have to use phone support to get the help you need. While phone support is nice, the lack of live chat support will deter some parents who don’t like talking on the phone or don’t have time to be on the phone while they are setting up their parental control software.


Witigo is a top-notch internet filtering and chat program that parents will love. It offers a wide range of customizable options and innovative features to keep your child safe online.