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This product has two packages: the basic and the premium. The basic plan is just an accountability package that monitors usage and then sends a report to your accountability partners. The premium plan is a different beast altogether and offers many more options.

X3 Watch Review


Supported Devices

X3Watch runs on Windows and Mac desktops, as well as on phones running iOS or Android.

One Account

All of your devices receive monitoring under one account.

Browser Control

Once the user logs into the software, any browser that is installed and used will be monitored by X3Watch.

Accountability Partners

If you opt for the premium package, you have the ability to add up to 8 accountability partners with whom to share the report information. Just adding their email addresses is enough to make sure they receive not only the reports, but also any account changes, or even the fact someone has tried to disable X3Watch.

Instant Alerts and Unlimited Reports

Even though the reports are only generated weekly, accountability partners are emailed immediately of any harmful browsing activity that takes place. You also have the option of receiving as many current updated reports as often as you like in addition to the weekly report.


Ease of Installation

Although the software is easy to install, many users have a prompt to run the software when starting their computer. Advice from X3Watch is to disable the User Account Control (UAC) which can leave your PC vulnerable. Some users have also stated by clicking on “No” to run the software, it allows them to browse the internet unrestricted and unmonitored.

Secondary Log-In

The software requires users to login on their computers. In addition, as stated above, there is a way to circumvent the software from starting.

Blocking & Filtering

Unless you upgrade to the premium package, the filtering or website blocking features are unavailable.

iOS Monitoring

As with many other applications, only site usage that’s carried out inside the X3Watch app will be monitored. The chance to use any other browser is still there, and third-party apps are also not controlled. Sites with their own native apps such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook are still free to be used without restrictions.


According to their figures, X3Watch has helped over a million people to be accountable. They do have quite a few complaints on their website regarding logging into the software on a desktop computer. Despite that, the app offers a wealth of features that other apps do not, plus it also offers unlimited devices that can be included under one account. That feature alone can free a group or a small business from the worry of having to purchase additional user coverage for extra devices.