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The internet is one of the most important inventions humanity has come up with so far. It brings people together and connects them across the globe. The internet has also made computers an important aspect of nearly every element of everyday life. As a result, it’s important to help your child start learning how to use the computer as early as possible so they’re ready for the challenges that lay ahead of them. However, very young children are especially susceptible to predator schemes and dangerous content online. Therefore, you’ll want an internet filtering service designed just for them. Zoodles is the ultimate in making sure your child’s playtime is protected online.



Zoodles locks down your device and presents children with a simplified version to use. The program has lots of apps, books, and more available for your child to download, use, learn from, and grow. Therefore, it gives them a good idea about how they should properly use the internet and computers when they start encountering them in school.

Zoodles completely blocks most of the internet from your device while it’s active. Therefore, there’s no risk of your child wandering outside of the safe space that Zoodles provides for them. When your child is done it’s simple to turn Zoodles off and return your device to normal.

Another great thing about Zoodles is that you can try it for free. This lets you see how your child interacts with the program and make sure that it’s up to your expectations before you commit money to it.

Parents also get reports on how their child is doing when it comes to learning from the various games, apps, and books that are available on the program. Therefore, you’ll get the latest information on your child’s growth and development in an easy to read format so you can make sure to give them the praise or the help they deserve.


The biggest drawback about Zoodles is the fact that it’s only really useful for people with very young children. As children get older they’ll likely be able to tell that their device functions are different from things the device normally does, which means that it will only be useful for a limited amount of time.


Zoodles is an excellent way to help children use the computer and other electronic devices to grow and learn. They’ll learn about computers and devices, and also about how to safely and productively use technology to better themselves. You can try Zoodles for free, so it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in introducing your child to the digital world as soon as you can.